THE funeral of a popular Barnsley centenarian will take place in January.

Margaret Critchley died aged 102 on December 3 at Barnsley Hospital.

Margaret, born in Honeywell Lane and later living in Aqueduct Street, Old Town, was ‘one of Barnsley’s most pleasant and informative people’ according to friend Graham Copeland, whose wife - also Margaret - first met Margaret, a friend of her parents, when she was just three days old.

“She had an answer for every question asked and you could always guarantee she was correct,” said Graham, who now lives in Conwy, Wales.

“We got on like a house on fire and this carried on for the rest of her life.

“She was part of my family. She was invited to all parties that she always loved.

“I first met Margaret in 1962 when I started to court my wife and it was one of the best things in my life.”

Margaret was also thought to be the oldest fan of Barnsley author and Chronicle columnist Milly Johnson and had met her at a book signing in recent years.

Milly said: “When a person dies, a library burns with them so the saying goes and Margaret was full of stories - a century’s worth.

“I am so incredibly sad about this but I am so very glad that I will always have the memory of that perfect snatch of time. God rest her beautiful soul.”

The funeral will take place at Barnsley Crematorium, Ardsley, at 10.10am on January 7, followed by a service at the Salvation Army on Park Street, Wombwell.