A COUPLE who were attacked in their home in front of their disabled children have still not received a visit from the police - more than four months after the incident.

During the Shafton Parish Council meeting in November, a resident stood up and explained that his wife, who works in a bar, had been involved in an argument and threats were made against her and her husband in September.

Four people then entered their home and began to stamp on the man’s head, while his wife was assaulted. The incident was witnessed by their 16-year-old disabled child.

Following the incident, they called 999 but no police attended on the night, and a while later the couple were invited to Wombwell Police Station to provide a statement and CCTV evidence was later presented to police, but it was unclear what progress had been made.

Police and crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings was present at the meeting and said it was a ‘top priority’ that needed following up and assured the man the case would be looked into. But at the meeting on Monday, parish councillors were told that following Dr Billings’ promises, no progress had been made on the case.

One resident said they felt police had turned a ‘blind eye’ and it was sad that no progress had been made despite Dr Billings insisting it was a priority, especially in light of a child with disabilities witnessing the attack.

Parish councillors will now contact the police for an update.