A MOTORIST was seconds away from crashing into a cafe while speeding in a beach buggy a meeting was told.

Residents expressed their concern over the ‘never-ending’ issue with off road bikes and vehicles riding carelessly around Royston, tearing up the ground at Redwood Avenue and Vicarage Lane.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said at the Royston and Monk Bretton PACT meeting: “The off road bikes are ruthless in Royston. The don’t obey the rules of the road and drive through red lights and tear up the grass trailing mud across the village. It’s unbelievable their behaviour and I think they’re coming from Athersley.

“The person that was driving the beach buggy had a lucky escape because if he was driving any faster he’d have gone straight into the cafe on Midland Road. Three parents and their children have also had a near miss with the off-road bikes. It’s not on.”

Sgt Richard Wilson said: “We regularly send our off road biking team around Cudworth, Grimpethorpe and Royston into Athersley. Notices have been issued and we tailor our deployments where the needs arise.

“We are planning another day of action in the near future and we are committed to clamping down on off-road bikers.”