A ROAD in Darton has been described as ‘a forgotten land’ after residents have raised concerns over blocked drains being to blame after blighted floods.

A resident, who lives on Huddersfield Road, has had her front garden flooded during Storm Dennis and is blaming the drains.

“Last year, a lack of road and pavement sweeping caused weeds, sludge and grass to block the tops of the grates, which goes from the junction of the village to the motorway.

“Piles of leaves and twiggs are now stopping rainwater going down into the sewers, which in effect leaves residents in more danger of flooding - it is not rocket science.

“This has meant that my front garden has been flooded, as we live near the bottom of the road.

The resident also raised concerns about the amount of rain damaging the road and making potholes particularly dangerous for drivers.

“The potholes seem to be getting bigger and the high amounts of water is making it worse.

“I just worry that these holes will cause problems for both drivers and pedestrians crossing the road.

“Four times now I have complained to the council, and four times nothing has been done, even though more heavy rain has been forecast.

“The council came out to Huddersfield Road last week, but no noticeable change to the drains has been done.

“The village gets done but not Huddersfield Road, it’s like a forgotten land.”

The dog waste bin, located at the bottom of Huddersfield Road, is said to have been overflowing for ‘weeks’ and is ‘hardly emptied’.

There are now additional rubbish bags next to the bin, placed by local residents, to handle the amount of waste left.

A spokesman for Barnsley Council said: “When we experience a large amount of water in a short space of time, it does put a strain on the drainage system as we have seen across the country during these unprecedented floods.

“The flooding in this area was mainly due to the sheer volume of water that fell.

“The council does clear the 55,000 gullies across the borough on a planned cycle - however when there are instances of them being blocked, it can be reported online via the council website and the team will be alerted.

“Significant investment is due to be made in drainage across Barnsley over the next 12 months, as part of our latest budget proposals.

“We’re putting additional money into services that have a direct benefit to local people and their communities across the borough with #InvestBarnsley.

“With regards to dog waste bins, these are monitored by our Neighbourhood Services Team and emptied accordingly.

“Bagged-up dog waste can also be put in any of the general litter bins. If dog waste bins are full this can also be reported online.

“Orders have been placed to fill potholes in this area.”