IT has been a feature of Barnsley Municipal Golf Club since it opened but the game is now up for the club’s famous tree.

The common beech tree which stands beside the seventh and ninth tees as well as the greens of the sixth and eighth was blown down by the bad weather earlier this month.

Such is the prominence of the tree it has featured on the club’s badge for many years.

Former president and current member Sam Morgan, 65, of Doles Crescent, Royston, said: “We’ve lost part of the history.

“I have been playing since the ‘70s and the number of people who have used that tree for shelter from the rain will be incredible.

“It was the thickest tree around here and needed four people to get around it. It’s a shame.”

It’s believed the combination of the saturated ground and the strong winds had resulted in tree’s downfall.

The course has been largely shut since the incident due to the bad weather but its fall wouldn’t currently have a big impact on players as it has landed on a summer tee rather than a winter one.

The council take responsibility for the course but their workers are currently unable to remove it as the ground remains too soft.

Coun Chris Lamb, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place (Environment and Transportation) said: “The tree will be moved when the ground dries up which could be a few weeks yet if the current weather continues.

“We will look into replacing the tree with the same species, once the ground has been cleared.”