A POPULAR singer-songwriter and Barnsley Youth Choir alumnus is celebrating the release of his first studio single.

‘Breakthrough’, the debut from Wilthorpe artist Tom Masters, is the product of months of work in the studio - it’s hard to believe that the vocals as they appear on the song were recorded in a wardrobe, Tom surrounded by soundproofing pillows and duvets.

The song opens with a fingerpicked guitar pattern that serves as a bed for Tom’s strong voice, with layers of precise harmonies building to a triumphant, soaring chorus.

“I’m especially pleased with the final product sounding the way it does, considering the roots of me writing this song were so raw and organic - with just me and my guitar,” said the 21-year-old.

“The song started with the acoustic guitar part pattern that features throughout the entire song. I had that in my head for months before I managed to write any lyrics whatsoever.

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“Once I got my first verse written though I had pretty much completed the song structure in about half an hour.

“Since that time the song has evolved and developed massively.

“I originally wrote this song to be part of my final recital at Leeds College of Music, which I graduated from in July.

“Of those original songs, this one seemed to grasp the audience’s attention the most.”

Tom, who headlined last summer’s Barnsley Live festival at the White Bear, worked with Barnsley Youth Choir accompanist Rob Cooper - recording large parts of the song at Rob’s home.

“Throughout this process, he has offered so much of his expertise and dedicated hours and hours of his time to help make my vision for this song a reality,” said Tom. “I truly am grateful for his contribution.

“One moment I still laugh about is how we made a DIY vocal booth using his wardrobe, and laying duvets and pillows over it to create a suitable vocal recording space around the microphone.”

The track was finished off at JamFactory in Huddersfield, with Tom and Rob adding layers of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keys, and Timothy Watson providing drums.

Tom, already an experienced live performer, admitted he was nervous on the night of his first release.

“It feels really great to finally release music after all the time and effort that went into this single,” said Tom.

“I don’t tend to get nervous when it comes to gigging and other aspects surrounding my music career but this was my very first release.

“So, naturally, it has become a very important song to me and I wanted it to be heard and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

“Thankfully, I’m so pleased that the response ‘Breakthrough’ has received so far has been amazing.

“Friends and family far and wide have really got behind me and shown the song so much love and support so far. I appreciate it more than they will ever know. “