WARRANTS targeting Barnsley’s most wanted were carried out as part of a borough-wide police operation.

Operation Duxford returned to the borough and saw more than 100 police officers take to the streets to tackle issues brought forward by the town’s neighbourhood teams.

The operation, tailored to the needs of residents, formerly focused on specific issues but has more recently taken a wider approach - with Chief Superintendent Sarah Poolman saying the intelligence-led day of action was about tackling the town’s most prolific offenders and showing communities a more visible police presence.

“We’re showing our communities that we’re listening to what they tell us their priorities are,” she told the Chronicle.

“We’re showing we won’t tolerate their behaviour that’s such a blight on those around them.

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“We’ve seen antisocial behaviour become significantly lower year-on-year, and we continue to invest in our neighbourhood teams to make sure that continues.

“The core is to be more seen and to demonstrate to communities that we’re there for them. We’re there to service their needs, and ultimately make their lives safer.”