Wombwell Town clinched a second successive promotion days before sport was shut down by the coronavarius.

Town, who were set up in 2018 with the aim of becoming the biggest non-league club in Barnsley, are currently in first place in Division One of the County Senior League and guaranteed to finish in the three promotion places. They won 2-0 at home to Denaby Main on Saturday to secure promotion before their league was stopped indefinitely.

Manager and former Barnsley FC striker Karl Rose said: “We celebrated going up because you don’t get that many promotions in football and you have to enjoy them when they come. “We knew it might be our last game for a while at the time and it looks like it will be. It’s disappointing but it’s only football and you have to look at the bigger picture of protecting people.”

There have been suggestions of scrapping the current league tables and starting again from next season. Rose said: “I can’t see that happening. If you start something, you finish it. We just have to finish this season when we can and then adapt next season even if that means playing less games. Even children know that you can’t start a game of Monopoly and change the rules halfway through. It has to be fair. We need strong leadership and clarity from the FA and the leagues.”

In Saturday’s 2-0 home victory, former Oakwell trialist Brad Kerr scored either side of half-time for Town then Luke Norbury was sent off late on along with a Denaby player. Rose said: “We had more fans than usual, about 200. We played well and deserved to win against a tough team. It was the second time we played them in four days and we got two wins.”

Wombwell won Division Two last season. Rose said: “Two years ago we had just four people in training and now we have two promotions. Next season will be difficult because we will be in the Premier Division against good teams. We will sign some new players and also we need to do some work on our facilities to get them up to the standard of the Northern Counties East League which is where we want to be.”