TRAVEL companies in Barnsley have said they are uncertain of what the future will hold for them following the coronavirus outbreak - but they will be ‘doing their best for the customers’.

Both Yorkshire Rose Holidays and Globe Holidays have said they do not know what will happen regarding business as at the moment the government has not made it clear on what the plan is regarding travel.

David Mills, owner at Yorkshire Rose Coaches, a family-run company who put on coach holidays all over the UK and Europe, have more than 150 destinations for people to choose from.

He said: “We have a lot of customers who are worried that they might have to self-isolate and are worrying about going on holiday. We are in a difficult position as until the government say what is what, we can’t really do much.

“If it’s a day trip and the customer cancels, as a goodwill gesture we will move their booking to something else as we have had customers cancelling.

“On the other hand, we have had customers in their 80s who are still wanting to go on holiday - one lady said to me that she didn’t know if she had five months to live soshe doesn’t want to be sat at home - so some of our trips are still going ahead.”

However, David said a lot of holidays to go to venues or shows are being cancelled, which means the company will lose out on money.

“Our problem is trips like Harry Potter, we have paid money for tickets like these so if we cancel we can’t get that money immediately back to the customer.

“It’s all up in the air at the moment. We are doing our best to make sure everything is sorted, our coach is sterilised and cleaned and once it gets to its destination it’s disinfected.

“If someone has symptoms of coronavirus we will send a separate vehicle out and to take them back from wherever it is they are at. We can only do so much but we are doing what we can.

“It’s a worrying time, anyone who says it’s not is wrong. I’m not afraid to say that - I think everyone is in the same boat.

“We have loyal customers who are very supportive and we will continue as normal until we are informed otherwise.”

A spokesman at Globe Holidays, another family-owned company which provides coach travel for tours and day trips, said the company is in a similar position of uncertainty at the moment.

“It’s a difficult situation at the moment as the government is indecisive as to what is going on,” they added.

“We have been inundated with concern after concern. The majority of our passengers still want to go and even if a lot of them are over 60, it’s a still very much business as normal for us.

“As an industry as whole, we are struggling. It’s concerning, but we will do what we can for our customers. We still have a trip to Great Yarmouth next week which we believe is going ahead but that could change.

“All of this is having a massive impact on the business as a whole.”