A LOCAL sandwich shop has implemented a ‘pay it on’ campaign to help support NHS workers in Barnsley.

Katie’s Baps, run by Phil and Katie Livesey on Greenfoot Lane, created the scheme as a way of thanking all frontline workers during this difficult time.

Phil, 41, told the Chronicle: “My wife has worked in the hospital for a number of years so she knows what it’s like and how hard it can be at times like these.

“Unfortunately she’s had to take a step back recently, but she’s still frequently in contact with the people that work there.

“We both thought that it would be a great idea to give something back to the staff that are working so hard to protect us all.”

The couple had many ideas on how to support the frontline workers, but settled on the ‘pay it on’ scheme after a lot of deliberating.

“We initially thought of making buns and cakes to take up to the hospital, but we realised that they get a lot of this anyway, so we decided to do something different,” he added.

“People can pay forward a sandwich for NHS workers to show their support, and so far we’ve had a great response.

“We’ve had customers telling us to keep the change from a £20 note and in total, along with the initial money we put in, we’ve raised around £400.”

It’s not just NHS workers that the shop want to help either, as the couple want to help frontline staff from across the town feel as though they’re being appreciated.

“Once we get the pot up, we want to start helping other key workers from Barnsley, because we know there’s more than just hospital staff putting their all in,” Phil added.

“Whether it be supermarket staff or lorry drivers, we want to ensure everyone is given the recognition they deserve during this difficult time.”

To donate to the cause, visit the Katie’s Baps Facebook page.