BARNSLEY Youth Choir will continue to sing - despite the upcoming World Choir Games being cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The world-renowned choir were due to compete in Belgium in July, but this has been cancelled.

Mathew Wright, musical director and one of the founders of the choir, said: “A month or so ago, we were told that the games would still be going ahead.

“In fairness however, no-one could have predicted how quickly this has happened.

“It’s a sensible decision - there would be 600 choirs competing which could have been dangerous.

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“Of course it’s gutting, everybody has worked so hard and there were months of effort put into the competition, however I fully support the decision made.”

Mathew thinks it’s important that the choir look ahead to new online projects and come together in a time of isolation.

“We have to carry on regardless, and Barnsley Youth Choir’s members have a lot of exciting things on the horizon.

“We are rehearsing remotely, I’m singing from my dining room, and choirs from around the world have been joining us.

“Although we may be disappointed to not perform at the games, we now get to look forward to more exciting projects on the virtual horizon.”