A WOMAN from Grimethorpe has come up roses after distributing around £500 worth of flowers to residents in her village during the coronavirus outbreak.

Natalie Atkins, of Oakroyd Crescent, wanted to reuse flowers from Cortonwood B and Q that could have gone to waste.

Instead, Natalie collected almost 200 different plants and flowers from the shop to donate to residents who were self-isolating during the outbreak.

Natalie, 34, said: “I had seen a news article about millions of garden centre plants having to be thrown away as the shops were closed to customers.

“I thought this was pretty awful and a huge waste when plants and gardening make people happy.

“I decided that I would try and get hold of some of these plants that were destined for the bin and distribute them to people in my village in Grimethorpe.

“I used to work at B and Q Cortonwood and have known the trading manager for years.

“When I arrived at the store, the manager had almost 200 different plants and flowers for me. Everything from heather plants to hyacinths and pansies.

“There must have been £500 worth of plants and I agreed I would make a donation to the Shelter charity on its behalf as a thank you.”

Natalie posted a photo of the flowers on social media to encourage people to help themselves to the flowers.

“I got all the flowers home and put them out on my front garden and I put a status out on our Grimethorpe Residents Facebook group.

“I basically said I had been donated flowers and anyone who felt they could use them and brighten up their garden were more than welcome to come and collect three plants each from my garden - obviously I did time slots so it was done safely.”

Natalie wanted to help her neighbours keep entertained during the lockdown, and thought getting people outside would help.

“The reaction from people was amazing,” she said.

“People were collecting for flowers to plant with the children over the weekend, a lady collected some to make pots for her neighbours and friends.

“Another person collected plants for her mother who is on 12-week lockdown.

“Everyone was over the moon and so grateful. A little girl drew me a rainbow picture and left me a dandelion on my front step when she had collected her plants.

“It was really humbling and so nice to see something positive in this bleak time.”