A TRAFFIC order to prevent inconsiderate parking on several side streets around Barnsley Hospital is set to come into force in a bid to end rising tensions, the Chronicle can reveal.

The measure will enable waiting restrictions to be brought in - as well as a no unloading or loading caveat - on Welbeck Street, Brierfield Close, Bingley Street and Clumber Street where councillors have alleged hospital staff and visitors have been dumping their vehicles.

The residential areas - all off Summer Lane - have become a ‘war zone’ between fed-up residents who have resorted to putting their wheelie bins on the road to prevent parking.

It’s hoped the order, which is set to be approved by Barnsley Council’s ruling cabinet members, will help ease tension but it remains to be seen where cars will park when they are unable to do so because of the restriction.

Three objections to the scheme have been lodged with the council from residents who claim the move would prevent residents from parking outside their homes.

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A cabinet report added: “It is apparent that inconsiderate parking is creating obstructions around the junctions and impeding the free flow of traffic.

“No individual has a legal right to park on the public highway outside their property. Essentially, the purpose of the public highway is to facilitate the passage of traffic and should not be relied on as a parking area.

“Collision statistics have not been the leading factor for the proposal to install restrictions in this area. A request by local ward councillors to seek to prevent obstructive parking from occurring has been the leading determination.

“Gaps have been incorporated in the proposed restrictions where possible to accommodate some parking.”

Hospital bosses admitted that the current parking provision is simply not big enough, with approximately 3,800 staff - excluding visitors - battling over 1,200 spaces and a park-and-ride plan at Dodworth is being explored.

Coun Phil Lofts added: “There is a shortfall of 1,700 parking spaces at the hospital and that pushes people to park on residential streets in Old Town and surrounding wards, much to the inconvenience and annoyance of residents.

“If we are to convince the hospital to accept their responsibility then Barnsley Council must cease facilitating free hospital parking on its streets at the cost to Old Town residents and force the hospital to accept its responsibility to provide on-site parking for all their staff and visitors.

“It has been a big problem, not only for residents but for pedestrians and motorists, as the manner in which people park completely obscures the view.”

Cabinet spokesman Coun Chris Lamb said the council recognised the issue has been a problem for ‘many years’.

“We’re working alongside the hospital and the ultimate aim of that is to reduce the impact of traffic and parking,” he added.

“The goal is to have fewer vehicles in that area but this is a long-term piece of work as the infrastructure has to be in place, but there are various options on the table.”