A RESIDENTIAL home has been boosting the morale of its residents and staff through song and dance.

Bollingbroke House in Brierley has been holding a car park party every Wednesday, weather permitting, in a bid to spread joy throughout their home.

Gemma Miller, events manager at the home, is also well-known across the town as a club singer.

She said: “We think it’s important that we can do something like this on a regular basis for the residents here, they’re really enjoying it.

“I bring in all my singing equipment on a Wednesday, because it’s a day of the week that can be quite boring, and we all have a sing and dance in the car park.

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“Just to see the smiles on all their faces is amazing, we’ve even had neighbours across the road coming out and getting involved from their door steps, it’s a wonderful thing to witness.”

Gemma admits that it can be tough working in the care home, but says morale is still high among the residents and staff.

“Obviously it’s tough, but we’re all coming together to make sure we can all keep on plodding on,” she added.

“It makes it especially hard when we’re seeing all the residents here upset because they can’t see their families, but that’s something we’re trying to combat at the moment.

“Families used to come to the window to talk through there, but obviously with the current lockdown in place this isn’t possible anymore.”