A RACEHORSE trainer has hung up his cap and boots in favour of stockings, slippers, and a hoover in an attempt to win big in a nationwide competition.

Peter Winks, who owns and runs stables in Middlecliffe, and his family dressed as members of Queen from the iconic music video for ‘I Want To Break Free’.

They’re hoping to win the Furlong Factor, a competition run by Racing Welfare, and bag £1,500 and two tickets to the Arch de Triomphe in Paris.

“I chose the song because we are all going a little bit crazy being kept in the house and not being able to do what we would like to do,” said Peter, 63. “Surprisingly it didn’t take much persuading my partner, my son and his girlfriend who are all isolating together to join in with the entry.”

The competition will open to a public vote on May 4.

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To watch Peter’s video click here.