A SCULPTURE designed to help people stick to social distancing guidelines has become a way to thank the NHS for their hard work.

When Keith Naylor, 71, saw groups of people walking past his house on Sackup Lane, Staincross, he decided to make a guide to help people to stick to social distancing guidelines.

His guide soon turned into a sculpture to thank the NHS and recognise the efforts of centenarian, Captain Tom Moore, who has raised almost £30m for the NHS.

“I came up with the idea one morning,” said Keith. “I had a long piece of wood and thought I would make a guide to help people to stay apart and it’s just gone from there.”

The sculpture has grown to include two rainbows and a thank you message to Captain Moore, and Keith has plans to expand his sculpture further.

“I want to thank the NHS for everything they have done for us all,” added Keith. “I can’t volunteer to help so this is my way of showing my appreciation.”

Keith said that his garden has attracted lots of attention, and has become the focal point of the applause for key workers on Thursdays.

“I had an unmarked police car pull up the other day and two policemen go out,” said Keith. “I thought I was in trouble and that they had come to tell me to take the sculpture down, but they came to ask if they could take a selfie with it which I thought was lovely.”

Keith has no plans to take down the sculpture, and will be adding more to it as long as the pandemic lasts.