A BAND consisting of musicians from across the globe - including Barnsley - have released a single in a bid to raise money for the NHS’s community heroes.

Nearly £700 has been raised so far by 50 musicians, who span across ten countries, and their cover of ‘We Are The World’ reached more than 15,000 views on social media.

George Howe, of Rydal Close in Penistone, is one of the musicians involved in the fundraising attempt having been asked by producers Stefan Kelk and Dave Rogers if he’d be interested.

The 23-year-old has been playing the drums for over ten years, and has worked with Stefan and Dave before on other projects.

He said: “There’s ten countries involved in total, with the members ranging from seven years old to 70, so it’s a real team effort.

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“The idea was to create global unity, not just national, and so we thought that it would make sense to use all our musical connections to get in touch with everyone.

“The idea is to raise as much money for the NHS and key workers as we can, as both Dave and Stefan have family members that are on the frontline.”

The song has seen a great degree of success since its release, even being played on BBC Radio Leeds on Monday.

“The response so far has been fantastic, being played on BBC Radio was great to see,” George told the Chronicle.

“People who we don’t even know have been sharing the video which is great, it’s doing a lot better than we all expected.

“We’re just aiming to raise as much money as we possibly can for the NHS as they’re still having to go out and work to support us.”