A FED-UP woman has taken it upon herself to clear her local area following a spate of fly-tipping offences in picturesque spots.

Emma Kershaw, 37, of Wood Leigh in Wombwell, has lived in the area for the past five years, with fly-tipping being an issue for the entirety of that time.

She said: “It’s always been a massive issue here because we’re quite close to the woods, I’ve even managed to catch a few whilst they’re doing it.

“It can usually take a couple of weeks for the council to come and remove it, and even then there will be little bits of rubbish and litter floating around the streets.

“I’m currently picking up litter when I go for a walk in the woods, and due to the lockdown there seems to be more people walking which is causing more rubbish to be left in the fields.”

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Emma was furious when she caught three men fly-tipping rubbish just metres away from her home, but they sped off before she was able to get any vehicle details.

“It’s so frustrating when something happens like that, I managed to get a part of their registration number, but the van sped off so quickly that I couldn’t get the rest,” she told the Chronicle.

“I let the council know and within two hours they had cleaned up the rubbish, which is really quick for them, especially in these times.

“But obviously they’re unable to pick everything up, so I went out and filled up two big black sacks - all in all it took about two hours of my time but I just wanted it to be clean.”

The 37-year-old believes that people in the area need to be taking better care of the area that they live in, as the amount of rubbish that is being left is a joke.

“I just think that people need to be responsible for their own rubbish,” she added.

“When I found the address in the rubbish bags, I wanted to go and drop a few bags off at their house so they could see what it was like because I was so angry at the time.

“All I want is for there to be more community spirit here, it’ll make everyone feel better if we’re able to keep the area clean.”