CAMPAIGNERS mounted a protest against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘incoherent’ update on the coronavirus lockdown.

The socially-distanced protestors assembled outside the Library @ the Lightbox on Monday, calling on proper PPE to be supplied where necessary - as nearby workmen continued on the town centre Glass Works project.

George Arthur, Barnsley Trades Union Council’s secretary, said: “We were shocked to see the building work going on in full flow. Apparently something like 250 workers returned last week.

“There were numbers of workers in very close contact, some off-site having a smoke and a chat almost shoulder-to-shoulder.

“It is not surprising that this kind of behaviour is taking place given the confused message that Boris Johnson gave out on Sunday evening. No-one should be forced to work unless their work situation is as safe as possible.

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“BTUC is encouraging workers to look carefully at health and safety legislation which allows them to refuse to be at work unless it’s safe.”