CABINET bosses confirmed campaigners’ complaints over alleged ‘out-of-hours’ work on the fiercely-fought Penny Pie Park site is something which is being investigated by the council.

Coun Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesman for environment and transportation, added that the contractor carried out works on April 10 - Good Friday - ‘in error’.

He said: “Over the past week a number of complaints have been received by members of the public and these are currently being investigated.

“The works are currently being delivered in line with the approved planning permission.

“Noise and vibration monitors are on site, recording levels within the site and at a number of surrounding residential locations. The levels currently recorded are in line with the planning conditions.

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“In addition, the contractor has also been requested to implement an additional acoustic barrier within the site to reduce noise levels further during the construction phase works.

“Dust mitigation measures on site include the dampening down of the site and a reduction of vehicle speed limits.

“With regards to the noise insulation regulations, a scheme taking this into account is currently being designed and all affected residents will be notified once all the details have been approved.

“Enquiries about this scheme are always welcome and I would encourage any ward councillor to contact either myself, as cabinet spokesman for this area, or the appropriate council officers working on the project, directly, with any issues.

“We will continue to work with local residents and groups while we deliver this scheme, which will deliver a long-term solution that will provide enough capacity for the current volume of traffic as well as accommodating the future business and housing growth aspirations of Barnsley.”