Gerhard Struber has criticised the EFL and FA for their handling of football’s return after the coronavirus crisis.

Barnsley’s proposal to remove relegation this season was rejected at an EFL meeting this week.  Head coach Struber said: “The EFL management have failed in all of the ways. We need no loser in this difficult circumstance. Yes we need promoted clubs and a champion, but no loser. 

“It is a big mirror of our society when I see what the EFL board and the FA board has decided in the last few weeks. It is only about money and not about integrity and solidarity which is the most important thing in sport. When I listen to the EFL, I am very sad and angry and I don’t understand. They speak about integrity and ‘blah, blah, blah’ but in the end it is only about money. They should talk honestly and respect people who work very hard at the clubs. I am very angry.”