A BARNSLEY man who broke into a woman’s house as she slept and threatened her at knifepoint has been jailed for 18 years.

Daniel Cummins, 36, climbed up the drainpipe of his victim’s home in Hemingfield in the early hours of August 12 last year while the occupant and her one-year-old daughter were asleep in their bedrooms.

Cummins, of St Helens Street, Elsecar, was arrested after he called 101 later the same morning to report he’d been involved in the robbery.

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He pleaded guilty to robbery and wounding and was handed his sentence at Sheffield Crown Court last week, comprising a 13-year custodial term and an extended licence period of five years.

The victim was also provided with a lifetime restraining order.

PC Rosie O’Grady said: “This was a terrifying incident - as Cummins made his way into the main bedroom, his victim, a woman in her 30s, woke up to find him standing over her bed.

“She recognised him after having met him once through a mutual friend. Cummins threatened her with a knife and told her to lie on her stomach.

“Cummins later told officers he’d broken into the house because he thought there were drugs in the property.

“To try and raise the alarm, the victim bravely banged on her bedroom wall in the hope her next door neighbour would hear. She also tried to call 999, but as she reached for her phone, Cummins attacked her and the pair fought on the bed.

“She was left with significant bruising and cuts to her face and body.

“She bravely managed to fight him off and Cummins thankfully left the property, taking the victim’s phone and house keys.

“Neighbours later said they’d heard shouting and banging and reported seeing Cummins leaving the address.”

Cummins had also been charged with sexual assault and trespass with intent to commit sexual assault. He pleaded not guilty to these charges and was acquitted by a jury following a trial.

PC O’Grady added: “This was a traumatic incident for the victim and her young daughter. The victim was incredibly brave in tackling Cummins and she has continued to display that bravery throughout our investigations.

“Cummins broke into that property in desperation to find drugs and cash, he had no right to be there and no right to threaten an innocent member of the public.

“He is a very dangerous man and he is rightly now behind bars for a very long time. I hope this offers reassurance to the people of Barnsley that he is now off the streets and out of their community.”