A POLICE operation aimed at cracking down on speeding drivers in Penistone has been hailed as a huge success.

Social distancing was also covered in the blitz around the area last Saturday and a ward councillor, who accompanied officers throughout the day, says the exercise was a model of community engagement.

"The community engagement aspect was brilliant," said Coun David Greenhough. "And we want to keep that going - especially considering what is going on in the world right now."

Four teams of officers covered the whole area - from the town centre to villages such as Hoylandswaine, Thurgoland and Ingbirchworth.

Working with the speed camera partnership, police issued speeding tickets to a number of motorists and others were advised to watch their speed.

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"The officers were not heavy-handed but there was enforcement," said Coun Greenhough, who regularly patrols the area with police.

"Poor weather meant fewer people were out and about but these ops are planned well in advance and you can't rely on conditions being just as you would want them. But the presence sent out the message that this is a live issue."

The teams also checked out social distancing, visiting Tesco, the High Street and parks.

"Pretty much everyone was adhering to the rules," said Coun Greenhough. "There were no issues with this at all.

"Going forward we want to keep this community engagement going. We have new senior officers in place and new PCs coming through so hopefully we can build proper engagement and trust. We want people to work hand in hand with the police, something that is especially relevant just now.

"Police and community are on opposite sides in some places and I don't want to see Penistone be one of those places."