CONTENTIOUS plans to develop a large patch of land in a Barnsley village have seen residents take to the street to air their views.

The masterplan framework designated ‘MU5’, sets out future housing and business development on a plot of land off Lee Lane, Royston, earmarked for 994 homes and a new primary school.

Local woman Sarah Lambert set up a stall on West End Avenue, outside the Manor Court Community Centre near to the site of the proposed development, to allow for locals to share their feedback on the plans.

Sarah said lots of residents, many of whom are elderly, are either shielding or don’t have internet access and as such won’t know the full extent of the plans.

Sarah initially set up a Facebook group, but had to take this down due to people ‘spreading negativity’.

“It went really well,” she told the Chronicle.

“I’m still finding a lot of elderly people don’t know about it.

“That’s the whole point - reaching the elderly community who aren’t going to be on Facebook.

“There’s more than one way of doing things. A lot of public forums seem to be turning nasty these days and I didn’t want to facilitate negativity with the group.”

She will continue to put out the stall every Saturday for the next three weeks, 9.30am until noon, and take people’s feedback.

Coun Steve Hunt from neighbouring Darton joined Sarah on Saturday.

He said: “It’s obviously not my ward, but where they’re looking to build is about a mile away from Staincross.

“I’m trying to improve road safety in this area, and I’ve seen the impact development can have in neighbouring wards.

“I’m particularly concerned about the impact of an increase in traffic on an area already experiencing increases from a development in Mapplewell.

“The proposals have a relief road through Carlton, which shows it has been thought about, but I can’t see that thinking extending into Staincross and Mapplewell.

“I will be keeping in touch with Sarah and I’m happy to support her and other residents.”

Consultation started last week and is due to end on July 15 - a period two weeks longer than normal.

People without internet access have been advised to call 773555 to receive hard copies of masterplan materials and consultation feedback forms.