A PETITION that garnered nearly 300 signatures to lower the speed limit on a ‘danger road’ has been dismissed by the council.

Coun Steve Hunt, who represents the Darton East ward, has been left ‘highly disappointed’ with the council’s response to the proposal after it was rejected following a reported ‘18-second discussion’ at last week’s cabinet meeting.

Coun Hunt, alongside campaigner Richard Denton, aim to lower the speed limit on Staincross Common and Windhill Lane to 30mph following concerns over the high amounts of speeding traffic on the road.

“I’m disappointed that the cabinet didn’t spend any time exploring the reasons why nearly 300 residents had signed the petition,” Coun Hunt told the Chronicle.

“For me, it shows that the council is not listening and taking people for granted.

“There are genuine concerns about road safety and the council haven’t come up with any real answers to respond to these concerns.

“It’s a disappointing outcome to a very well-supported petition.”

Coun Hunt believes that more work needs to be done by the council regarding speeding measures, before a serious accident happens.

“It’s an ongoing issue that’s not going to go away - we’ve seen more reports because we’ve had quieter roads so some people have taken that as an opportunity to race around.

“There’s still a need for speed measures on this road, but we may have to be more specific about the placement perhaps.

“We’d have liked the council to offer some sort of alternative and work with us more. It’s felt as if it’s been closed down.”

At the cabinet meeting it was agreed that the proposal was to be rejected.

A statement said: “Barnsley Council’s traffic team does not support this proposal.

“The 40mph section is predominantly agricultural land to its northern side with properties set back from the road on the southern side - with the 30mph transition coming in where the building density increases.

“The existing 40mph speed limit was designed in accordance with the guidance set out by the Department for Transport.

“To lower it would do little for road safety but would potentially present an additional - and avoidable - burden in terms of trying to secure compliance.

“Also to be considered is the loss of the existing 30mph signs on the entry to the side roads.

“Historically we have had a backlash in such situations from residents on side roads who see this as impacting on the safety on their roads.

“The views of those residents would need to be sought and considered before making changes.”

Richard, who helped campaign for speeding measures, added: “We get the council has its priorities and a finite budget to spend, but our frustration comes from the lack of response.

“The discussion of the petition lasted 18 seconds before it was rejected. I don’t think this is good enough.

“It feels like the decision is driving the argument and not, as it should be, the other way round.

“I am especially frustrated and angry about the council’s flagrant misrepresentation of the land around Windhill Lane, and the residents car parking on the opposite side of the road.

“We’ll continue to fight for this and for our residents.”