STUDENTS from a dance school in Cudworth showed their support to their teachers by putting their own twist on the Clap for Carers event.

Around 60 or 70 people, all socially distancing, lined the streets for staff at Fearons Middleton School of Dance who still don’t know when they’ll be allowed to reopen.

Jodie Scotting, 39, of Royston, has two children who attend the school and organised the event which took place last Sunday.

She told the Chronicle: “Since lockdown began dance schools have been hit hard, the kids are missing their friends and teachers are finding it hard to teach online.

“I think a lot of people were expecting the dance schools to reopen alongside pubs on July 4, so when this didn’t happen morale was quite low and I know the teachers were disheartened by it.

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“I know all the dancers class themselves as a family so we wanted to do something to boost the morale of everyone - both the teachers and the kids.”

Staff at the school, Catherine Fearons, Hayley Nicholson, Katie Winder, Alex Jones and Katie Sayers were all teary-eyed when they saw the public display - as the kids gathered to clap and cheer the teachers who have worked so hard to keep them active during lockdown.

“Dancing is so important to the kids, it’s an extension to their education - it’s more than just dancing,” Jodie added.

“There were tears all round when they saw what we were doing, there were balloons and banners and things like that so it was a big celebration.

“The teachers understand how important dancing is to the kids, and they’ve even let parents stop paying during lockdown if they wish, even though they’re still doing lessons online.”