RED tape may mean more than £3,000 raised to help the victim of a VE Day mugging may have to be given back.

Rajitkumar Sothilingham, 41, was walking down the Victorian Arcade in the town centre on May 8 when he was attacked by group of people in broad daylight.

CCTV footage of the attack went viral - and resulted in an online appeal being launched to help the victim.

It resulted in £3,500 being pledged - but this week the man who launched the GoFundMe page said Rajitkumar - a Sri Lankan refugee - may never see a penny of it as red tape prevents him from opening a bank account.

Steven O’Brien, 39, from Worsbrough, added: “As he doesn’t have a bank account, it makes the process very complicated.

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“If we set up an account in his name, it could jeopardise his weekly allowance that he is entitled to, which is obviously not what I set out to do.

“It has turned into a minefield really because as we see it, there may not be an option to give Rajitkumar the money that was raised for him.”

As part of the terms and conditions of the GoFundMe page, the money has to be withdrawn from the account no more than 30 days after the first donation was made.

It has been almost two months since the page was created, and the money raised is in danger of being refunded if no solution can be found this weekend.

“I’m gutted,” added Steven.

“I just wanted to help him and that fact that he may not see a penny is heart-breaking.

“People very kindly reached into their pockets to donate to this man, and now it might all go to waste.

“I did think of donating the money to a homeless charity, but people donated to help Rajitkumar so it’s a difficult situation.”

A spokesperson from the Refugee Council said: “The Refugee Council can clarify that the funds would not affect an individual’s right to remain in the country but it could affect the ability to access asylum support.”

Five people were arrested and are currently awaiting trial in connection with the assault.