A BARNSLEY man who has recreated the famous running scene from hit film Forrest Gump has been overwhelmed with the support he’s received after his antics were shared on television.

Lee Floyd, 43, of Woodvale Close in Higham, came up with the idea of recreating the movie - which he has renamed Forrest Dump - once he realised the pubs were reopening.

Paul travelled across the British Isles while he was working, stopping off at local landmarks to film himself running past them dressed in costume.

He said: “It was just a bit of fun, my wife and I have been coming up with daft videos during lockdown and we even did one for our anniversary.

“It was my intention to just do a Forrest Gump run off our street when the pubs were allowed to reopen, but when I knew my work was taking me around the country I thought I’d take my runs a little further.

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“The idea was to finish the recreation by running to the Crown and Anchor pub in Barugh Green and that’s what ended up happening which was fantastic.”

“I’ve gone past quite a few landmarks on the journey, I ran on a ferry and I even ran past the Angel of the North in Newcastle, which was a bit of a tribute to my friend Louise whose birthday it was.

“When I got to the Crown and Anchor I was approached by someone from ITV. It’s been absolutely bonkers since then, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing and the family have been going nuts about it.”