A DESSERT shop in Barnsley town centre has reached new heights after hitting 100,000 followers on social media platform TikTok - racking up nearly three million likes in the process.

Dolly’s Desserts, based in Market Kitchen, is a family-owned business run by 19-year-old Charlie Smark and her mum, 43-year-old Janine Davies.

Since Charlie started the TikTok account during lockdown their numbers have continued to rise, much to her shock, and the pair are close to reaching three million likes.

Charlie said: “It started in lockdown because I wanted to do a video to say thank you to the NHS and it was one of the trends at the time on the app.

“We cut cakes and scoop ice cream and things like that - I can’t believe how quickly it managed to blow up.”

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The store has even seen customers come from all across the country to try some of their products after their rise to fame on social media.

“We’ve got 100,000 followers but it doesn’t feel like that we have that many people watching our videos, it’s crazy to think about,” she added.

“We’ve had people coming from all across the UK to visit us, there’s been customers from Coventry, Manchester, Liverpool and even Edinburgh so it’s good for Barnsley.”