A MAN wanted to show pride in where he lives by giving the village’s arrival sign a much-needed renovation.

Kevin Osborne drives past the Darfield welcome plinth on Cathill roundabout every day on his commute to work.

He noticed that the sign, which was placed to commemorate the millennium, was looking worse for wear and decided to take matters into his own hands and update the sign.

“The Darfield sign by Ardsley looks really nice, I think someone has been taking care of that one, but the one at my end of Darfield was starting to look a bit shabby,” said Kevin, of Mary Street, Middlecliffe.

“I decided to take a bucket of soapy water and some paint and make the sign look better which should make the area seem a lot more nice.

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“It didn’t take me that long and the results are great - I think my next job will be to plant some grass seeds around the base to cover up the patchy grass.”