A TEMPORARY Post Office will open in a village that has been left without postal services for more than a year.

The Post Office on Dodworth’s High Street closed in June last year and since then the residents have been forced to travel into Barnsley town centre or Barugh Green to access services.

Coun Neil Wright has campaigned for a temporary Post Office to be set up in the library building while a new permanent site can be found.

Now the outreach Post Office will open one day a week in the village.

“I am really happy that Dodworth will have a Post Office once again,” said Coun Wright. “It’s not fair to expect people to travel to be able to post parcels, but now they will have access to the service, albeit on a temporary basis.”

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Coun Wright revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has caused complications and slowed the opening of the service.

“There were many times I felt like giving up,” added Coun Wright. “It will all be worth it when we open next week.

“I will still continue to push for a permanent Post Office in the village, but for now this is a great stop-gap.”

The outreach Post Office will open in Dodworth Library on October 1.