AN elderly woman who was knocked down by oncoming traffic has praised kind strangers in Hoyland for coming to her rescue.

Gillian Bamforth, of Cherry Tree Street in Hoyland, was leaving Barclays bank, on King Street, last Thursday when her foot was struck by passing traffic.

The 73-year-old was knocked to the ground in pain with worries that she had broken her hip.

Luckily, passing strangers and local business owners rushed to Gillian’s side to help keep her calm while waiting for paramedics.

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Gillian, who was discharged from Barnsley Hospital on Monday, wants to thank the Hoyland community who rushed to her side.

She told the Chronicle: “It all happened so quickly, but what I do remember was everyone’s incredible kindness.

“In the middle of a pandemic, there was not one hesitation – people just saw me struggling and came to help.

“The first thing I remember is a woman called Claire, who stopped what she was doing to come to lay beside me and keep me company.

“The fantastic manager at Barclays came out to divert traffic around me to keep everyone safe.

“Even staff from Hoyland Carpet Shop rushed out with a pillow for my head and asked if there was anything they could do.

“What really does stand out to me is a young school boy who came over and asked if I wanted his jacket whilst I lay there – how very kind of him.”

Gillian is back at her home now and is being regularly checked on by her friends and family.

“I’m back at home now and hopefully on my way to recovery. I’m just astounded by Hoyland’s community spirit.

“I’ve been in contact with Claire who was the stranger who stayed with me whilst waiting for the ambulance.

“We’ve struck up a good friendship and hope to meet soon for tea.

“My friends, family and neighbours have been checking in with me and my partner regularly. They are my rock.

“All I can say is the people of Hoyland are wonderful and I can’t thank them enough for their help.”