A NEW fire alarm system is on the way for Penistone Community Centre.

Amid warnings that the building ‘could be lost within a few hours’, town councillors have agreed to accept all the recommendations in a risk assessment and security report.

And that signals the end for a two-bell fire alert system which operates at present.

Council clerk Tara Ball told councillors that the review advised installation of a new fire alarm.

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“This would replace the two-bell system we have at present and which creates boundaries for people with disabilities,” she said. “There is a chance the bells are not heard in different parts of the centre.”

She said initial outlay would be £4,000 to £4,500.

Coun Nicholas Perkins said: “So many issues were picked up during a risk assessment, especially the use of bells. I would heartily recommend a fire alarm.

“But there is the question of monitoring. We could lose that building in two or three hours and no-one would know.”

He questioned whether monitoring be done via the Paramount cinema’s system.

Paramount manager Brian Barnsley said no.

“But the burglar alarm is very sensitive and should trigger the fire alarm,” he added. “It is something we should look at.”

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