INSPIRATIONAL messages daubed on a boundary wall have resurfaced this month - though they were written more than four years ago by a local resident.

Dawn Lee, 60, who lives at the other side of the wall off Bridle Lane, Goldthorpe, wrote the poetry after feeling that the area needed a spruce up due to continued fly-tipping.

She told the Chronicle: “I started writing on the wall around four years ago as I used to take my daughter to school along the path and it was a real mess.

“A lot of people would fly-tip there so one day I just decided to go out and clean it up - I ended up getting about four wheelie bins full and I took them to the skip myself.

“I started writing on one panel and then I just carried on and did the rest - it took around six months and it’s about half a mile in length.”

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Dawn feels the area has once again been shunned and neglected, and hopes that the walls do get redecorated as they are no longer in their former glory.

“Goldthorpe has a bit of a bad reputation and I think the walls made it look a lot better, there’s even a wall dedicated to Goldthorpe,” she added.

“I don’t walk along there with my daughter anymore so it’s not as nice as it used to be and there’s people fly-tipping on there again.

“I can’t see past the wall but I do hear people reading out what’s written on there which is quite nice.”