AN avid gardener has planted a rose bush in memory of his wife and nurtured it throughout lockdown.

Colin Tindle, 89, of Clarney Avenue, Darfield, was happily married to his wife, 86-year-old Irene Tindle, for 66 years before she died last December.

He planted the rose bush at the start of this year - remembering Irene by displaying her favourite flower.

His daughter, 65-year-old Linda Hampton, told the Chronicle: “His gardening has always been something that he’s been interested in.

“My dad’s hanging baskets were as big as those that were in the paper last week but unfortunately he’s cut them recently.

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“When my mum passed away in December, we held the funeral on January 6 and it would have been her birthday on the 31st so we bought the rose, Irene’s delight, as a gift for mum’s birthday.

“It was my mum’s favourite flower, she loved the colour, and it was really nice because it gave my dad something to nurture and focus on during lockdown.”