THE grieving mother of a teenager who was killed at an accident hotspot has called for urgent speeding measures to be installed before another life is taken - on the first anniversary of her death.

Kat Williams, from Cudworth, has been tirelessly campaigning for permanent speed restrictions on Burton Road in Monk Bretton - the road where her daughter was killed.

Jordan Williams, also known as Jordan Zuppinger, 18, died last year after she was involved in a collision.

She was a passenger in a red Renault Clio which crashed into a wall at 5.05am and was pronounced dead at the scene.

On the first anniversary of Jordan’s death, Kat has urged drivers to think twice before treating Cudworth roads ‘like a racetrack’.

“If I’m honest, the speeding in this area is still horrendous. I’m constantly seeing or hearing about near-misses on Burton Road and Darfield Road in Cudworth.

“When Jordan died last year, it took a long time for me to get back in a car after everything that happened.

“I would nip to the corner shop and see young lads showing off and driving recklessly. It was heartbreaking to be reminded about what happened.

“For the past year, I have been campaigning along with my friends and neighbours to get permanent speed measures on these danger roads.

“The council has said that nothing can be permanently fitted on Darfield Road until a serious incident occurs.

“However, all it takes is one near-miss to take away a life. Just like what happened with Jordan.”

Kat, who has spent the year raising awareness on reckless driving, hopes that council bosses take immediate action before another person loses their life.

“What we’re campaigning for is a permanent speed camera fitted on Darfield Road or in the area.

“Drivers often get wise to the temporary speed checks and will go another way or slow down.

“To have a speed camera fitted constantly would slow down the speed of traffic on a more permanent basis making it much safer for everybody.

“Speeding to get somewhere a few seconds quicker is not worth losing a life over. I know this firsthand.”

Kat has been working with charity Brake, which supports victims of road accidents, to help her come to terms with the death of her daughter.

“We miss Jordan every single day. On Monday, we went down to the place where she died and lay flowers.

“She was a beautiful girl who touched the lives of everyone that knew her. We think of her everyday.

“Even when placing the flowers, I spoke to people who had reported near-miss accidents on Burton Road and they agreed it was still a huge problem.

“It’s infuriating to think that a year on, nothing has changed. If proper measures were in place, Jordan may still be here.”