A STRIKING Remembrance display has been given pride of place at the entrance to a primary school.

Pupils from Worsbrough Common Primary School contributed to the poppy trail display, set off by teaching assistant Sally Philburn - who brought in buttons from genuine army clothing worn by her grandfather.

These became the centres of the poppies, made by cutting the bottoms off of plastic drinks bottles.

Pupils are also making poppy wreaths to put on classroom doors.

“Last year, we held a remembrance workshop and made poppies with the kids,” said head teacher Rebecca Paddock.

“It was really popular and we made quite a lot of money for the Poppy Appeal.

“We always like to make a big deal as it’s important for our children to commemorate, so we tried to come up with an alternative.

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“They’re lucky to have someone so creative in Sally, who comes up with these ideas.

“Kids have made some poppies in class and we’ve also encouraged them to make them at home - parents have got involved as well.

“We’ve put the display at the entrance, so everyone can see it when they come in.

“We’re just trying to do as much as we can to raise awareness and also give us something else to think about.”