CORONAVIRUS cases have dropped at Barnsley Hospital - but remain almost double what they were at the virus’ peak in April.

There are now 135 Covid-19 patients at the hospital with 15 in the intensive treatment unit.

A spokesperson said: “However, the figures fluctuate daily as many patients with Covid-19 are making a quicker recovery than in wave one and so are able to be discharged from hospital.

“Our staff are still working incredibly hard under challenging circumstances and we thank them for doing the best they can for patients.

“We are heartened to see initial data this week which shows infection rates in some of our communities are decreasing and hopefully this will translate into a decrease in hospital admissions in the next couple of weeks.

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“We are grateful for the support of everyone in following the advice of limiting your contact with other people outside your household, washing your hands regularly and wearing a face covering.

“Finally, we are asking people who are due to have an appointment or operation to come along as planned unless we contact you as we are continuing to carry out as much non Covid-19 care as possible at this time.”

According to NHS figures, the total number of beds occupied by confirmed Covid-19 patients rose to 104 on October 27 and continued to increase into this month.

On November 2, there were 158 Covid-positive inpatients in the hospital - twice the estimated 78 that were being treated at the supposed height of the virus in April.

There were 30 new admissions for Covid-positive patients and in-hospital diagnoses on October 29, and in the five days prior to that there was an average of 22 new admissions and diagnoses each day.