BUGLER Paul Goose has lifted spirits with nightly renditions of The Last Post from his doorstep EVERY night since the first lockdown, but his quest for a Guinness World Record has been denied. The Chronicle’s launched a petition to put things right...

It was the army veteran’s very personal tribute to the casualties of coronavirus as well as NHS frontline heroes and it has raised almost £10,000 so far for Barnsley Hospital’s intensive care unit.

His livestream performances have been viewed across the borough and the world.

Many supporters reckoned his dedication was worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records but this week, the publishers snubbed his achievements as ‘a little too specific’ a bizarre claim from the people behind a book whose ‘not too specific’ records include:

- Most apples held in the mouth and cut by a chainsaw in one minute.

- The longest distance run while carrying a table between your teeth.

- Most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute.

Paul, 52, of Cudworth, and a former member of the First Battalion of the Light Infantry, told the Chronicle he was disappointed by the snub.

He added: “When I started this in March I never set out to gain a world record but as the days crept up I thought it would be a nice souvenir to remember my challenge in years to come.

“I have completed more than 150 days in a row and thought it was pretty unique.

“It’s a bit strange because the world records are known for having strange ones in there. Lots of people are upset about it. People have told me they have tweeted Piers Morgan to try and get the Guinness World Records to overturn their decision.

“I’m not sure they will but I appreciate the thought behind it.”

Despite the setback, Paul has vowed to keep going and will finish his challenge on New Year’s Eve.

“I still get lots of messages every day asking me to mention their loved one I think it gives grieving families comfort during these strange times,” he added.

“My original plan was to keep bugling until the last person died from coronavirus, but at this rate I could be bugling for a while so I thought that New Year’s Eve would be a good place to finish.

“By that point I will have done more than 200 days which I think is very good going. I’m proud that I have managed to keep going this long, and that so many people have enjoyed what I have been doing.”

A spokesperson for the Guinness World Records said: “Unfortunately, after thoroughly reviewing the application with members of our research team we cannot accept the proposal for a Guinness World Record title for ‘longest consecutive days playing The Last Post on a bugle’.

“While we certainly do not underestimate this, unfortunately it is a little too specific for a body of reference as general as Guinness World Records.”

Paul’s MP, Stephanie Peacock, has writen to Guinness, urging them to re-think their decision.

She added: “I applaud Paul’s efforts throughout the pandemic. This is a wonderful story of someone who has worked hard to both offer comfort to those who have lost loved ones due to the coronavirus, and to also raise much needed funds for a very important cause at the same time.

“I am incredibly disappointed that Guinness World Records have chosen to decline Paul’s request, especially as we all know there have been many less deserving records handed out over the years.

“I have written to the Guinness World Records and asking them to reconsider their decision.”

The Chronicle has launched an online petition to get Paul the recognition he deserves - you can show yours by signing here.