CAMPAIGNERS fighting for the reduction of a speed limit on a dangerous main road - outside a primary school - hope anger elsewhere in the borough can further their cause.

The Speed Awareness Group Ardsley (SAGA) said drivers can regularly reach speeds of 70mph on the 40mph Doncaster Road - while children from Oakhill Primary Academy and crossing guards ‘take their lives in their hands’ twice a day.

The group claim on the last count in June there were 51 incidents in that month alone.

Residents have regularly campaigned for measures including flashing speed limit signs, average speed check cameras and more clear signage than the small 40mph signs currently in place.

Instead, they have had to rely on parked cars to foil would-be offenders by forcing them to slow down.

The most recent attempt at a solution, a new digital speed camera replacing an inactive static unit, was burnt out by vandals.

John Evans from the group commended residents and town councillors at Millhouse Green, whose ‘30 For A Reason’ scheme centred on the village’s school on the A628 was picked up by national speed charity Brake as an awareness campaign.

Locals there believe they’ve found evidence of double standards as planners agreed to drop a 40mph limit to 30mph for a new roundabout scheme at Darton, yet have failed to address their concerns.

And SAGA members are similarly frustrated.

John said: “Every day when the school is in attendance, the two people on the crossing patrol take their lives in their hands trying to protect the children crossing the road against speeding traffic.

“They deserve a medal as big as a dustbin lid.

“SAGA have gained support from the local councillors to introduce a 20mph limit during the limited time period when children are crossing the road.

“In this present climate with Covid-19, the situation is creating additional stress, both mental and physical for both children and parents, when attempting to cross this busy road.

“The residents of Ardsley - which involves over 1,200 residential properties - consistently express their concerns at the frequency of vehicle accidents, the number of speeding vehicles processed by the police mobile camera service, and air pollution.

“They are at a loss to understand how the authorities appear not take the situation seriously.”