A BIRDWELL couple managed to brighten the day of staff at Barnsley Hospital last week after a raffle raised enough to purchase brand-new kitchen equipment for two wards - and the winner even donated the £1,000 prize.

Nathan Kaabi, 28, and Leah Richards, 26, both of Falcon Drive, decided to set up the fundraising raffle after seeing a number of people doing the same thing online.

Nathan told the Chronicle: “I wanted the money I raised to go to the staff at Barnsley Hospital and so I set up the raffle in around 24 hours - it was £30 a ticket and there were 59 numbers.

“When I drew the winner it happened to be number 38 - a man who said that he wanted to donate the prize straight to the hospital so not only are we donating the kitchen appliances, but also £1,000.”

Nathan contacted the hospital to see what they wanted to spend the money on to ensure that it would go directly towards making their day better, and chose the intensive care unit and A and E.

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“I found out that they needed a few things such as a new microwave, radio, cutlery and a new coffee maker, so I bought that for both wards,” he added.

“I’ve had a lot of good positive feedback about the raffle and there’s a lot of good people out there who decided to donate.”