A VILLAGE plagued by speeding traffic is set to spearhead a new approach on road safety.

Thurgoland is on the list for a pilot scheme being trialled by ward councillors in a bid to change how traffic concerns are addressed by Barnsley Council.

And parish council chairman Bob Blythe has warned that unless action is taken quickly, it could be ‘too late’ to save a child from being knocked down.

At the council’s last meeting, members heard a report on the pilot project being run by the borough to address traffic concerns.

Coun Blythe said: “Ward councillors have to play a part in this problem.

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“The speed of traffic coming through Thurgoland in both directions should make the village a candidate for this new scheme.

“No-one slows down at the 30mph sign, but the big problem is that because no-one has been killed or badly hurt, the site doesn’t qualify for action under previous highways regimes which use that as a measure.

“This is a change but it still hinges on statistics.

“One day someone will come from Hoylandswaine, go round the corner at speed and a child will be crossing the road.

“It will be too late then - the sensible thing is to slow down vehicles coming into the village.

“That’s all we need, maybe a rumble strip, as drivers take no notice.”

Coun Maurice Williams said some drivers are travelling at twice the speed limit sometimes near the main road traffic lights.

“Even trucks,” he said. “Anyone crossing wouldn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance.”

Ward councillor John Wilson said: “You are on the list - if you tick the box to come up with a scheme, we’ll sit down with highways to talk.

“Let’s see if we can do something rather than wait for someone to be runover - that’s the way it should be.”