A COUNCILLOR retained her seat after a coin toss decided a dead heat between her and the Conservative candidate.

Rockingham Coun Nicola Sumner could be heard cheering on the floor today (Friday, May 7) at the Metrodome as the result was announced after hours of delays.

The vote was recounted several times throughout the day after intially being planned to take place before midday.

Coun Sumner beat Conservative Roy Garratt, with whom she was tied on 1,084 votes.

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Full results for the ward:

Belk, Andy – Keep Equality Safe Party: 75

Fletcher, Karen – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 115

Garratt, Roy – Conservative Party: 1,084

Grinham, James – Green Party: 289

Nugent, Paul – Liberal Democrats: 124

Sumner, Nicola – Labour Party: 1,084

The entire results will be published later today.

A council spokesperson said: "Ballot papers were re-counted numerous times, but a deadlock was still not broken, so the result was decided by chance.

"This is standard practice when this happens.

A coin was tossed – heads for Conservative and tails for Labour. The coin landed on tails."