THE owner of a Thurnscoe performing arts school says she was ‘brought to tears’ by community support which has seen her move into a new studio just months after fears of closure.

Alexandra Crellin, 28, originally opened Lotus School of Arts last January but once lockdown hit she became wary that the venue may have to close due to a significant drop in income.

She said: “After the first lockdown we were absolutely heartbroken because we thought that we were going to have close as it was prolonged.

“It’s been such a long year and we have lost a lot of students in that time but the fundraising has really helped.

“We’ve had to pay £13,000 in rent when we weren’t even using the studio the £10,000 grant really helped but it didn’t cover it which is why we’re so grateful for the support.”

A number of fundraising events have taken place for the school and Alexandra, who has more than nine years’ experience in the industry, says it shows how important the school is to the local community.

“We’ve had people donating £300 towards our rent to keep us open and an air track mat which is really exciting,” she added.

“When the arts is being so underfunded it is so important that people to do get involved and show they are part of a community and that’s exactly what they’ve done it’s been amazing.”

For further information, visit Lotus School of Arts on Facebook.