A TANKERSLEY pensioner believes he’s been ‘totally discriminated’ against after falling victim to a fine after parking in a Hoyland car park with new charges - despite having his blue badge on display.

Councillors in the area were left ‘appalled’ and ‘disgusted’ in April by the decision for Resilienti, an outside firm, to implement new parking charges at two car parks in the town centre.

The site next to the market is pay on entry, and the B and M site is free for the first hour but two local councillors, Robin Franklin and Tim Shepherd, admitted they had no idea of the introduction of the charges.

This was the same for 79-year-old Peter Clarney who was shocked to find he had been fined £100 for parking in a disabled bay - despite only being there for 14 minutes and having his blue badge on display.

“I pulled into the disabled parking space at 8.10am and when I came out at 8.24am I had a parking ticket,” he said.

“It’s only just come in that you have to pay because I used to park there and I never got a fine - it’s all very confusing and not clear at all.

“I feel like I’m being discriminated against because I’m disabled and I know I’m not the only one because one of my mates has been fined as well.”

Peter has submitted an appeal for the fine.

The Chronicle contacted Resilienti for a comment but did not receive a response.