ORGANISATIONS across Barnsley have sent out a warning to residents - in particular young people - to not swim in open water following recent deaths.

A man was found in nearby Pugneys Water Park, in Wakefield, and in Crookes Valley Park in Sheffield - and now Barnsley Council, South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are appealing for people to stay out of lakes, quarries and reservoirs.

The Chronicle understands youngsters were found swimming again in Stairfoot Quarry this week, despite constant reminders that the water is not safe.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “We know some people love open water swimming.

“We know that every time we tell people not to cool off in lakes and reservoirs, we get lots of stick from people who love open water swimming.

“We know that if you know what you’re doing it can be done safely.

“But our firefighters are tired.

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“They are tired of attending water related tragedies where people- often young people- die needlessly because they’ve entered water which simply isn’t suitable for swimming.

“They are tired of asking people not to jump off bridges or swim in places where people have recently lost their lives, bringing untold sorrow and heartache to their loved ones.

“They just want you to listen.

“They just want you to live.”

Barnsley Council reiterated the concerns, stating that none of the parks in Barnsley have open water which is safe to swim in.

“The water may look inviting, but there are many potential hazards posed by swimming in our waters, which can lead to serious accidents,” a spokesperson added.

“There are plenty of alternative ways to safely keep cool during this hot spell.”