POLICE are urging Land Rover owners to take further steps to secure their vehicles following a spike in thefts.

Since the start of May, a total of 42 Land Rovers have been stolen across South Yorkshire - with Barnsley and Sheffield being the most targeted locations.

Out of those 42 that have been stolen, just nine have been recovered by officers - and enquiries are ongoing to find the others.

Two people have been arrested and questioned in connection.

Detective Chief Inspector Jamie Henderson said: “Having your car stolen, whatever it is, is distressing and it’s also costly.

“We know that crime prevention does work and often the old-fashioned measures are the best, such as steering wheel locks, which simply put criminals off even having a go at your car.

“If you’ve got a keyless car, please get yourself a signal blocking pouch, container or box to keep your keys in they really do work.”