A WIND turbine which has been out of action for more than four months - after a huge blade dislodged and careered into the ground - still hasn’t been fixed, much to the annoyance of a councillor.

In March, the blade on one of three structures at Park Springs Wind Farm - fell following a spell of strong winds.

No-one was hurt in the incident but fibre glass debris was scattered around the surrounding area and a popular walking route, which goes past the turbines near Great Houghton, was closed and has remained closed ever since.

EDF Renewables, the company that owns the turbines, revealed they were looking into the cause of the failure but despite this the turbine remains damaged and appears to be getting worse.

Coun Kevin Osborne said the action taken has not good enough and has called for an immediate assessment to be made of the site.

“Each time I have been assured that they are carrying out repairs yet nothing seems to be changing at the site and the damaged turbine is still turned off,” he added.

“To me this shows that Barnsley has been forgotten, and it also shows that EDF aren’t as committed to renewable energy because they have a wind farm that is only operating at two-thirds capacity.

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“Their actions don’t seem to be urgent, but from what I can tell, the turbine is getting worse. There are still remnants of the broken blade dangling from the turbine, and it seems to be collapsing in on itself - how that is safe to leave alone for four months is beyond me.

“I just want EDF to take responsibility to fix the turbine - we have waited long enough for it.”