A BROKEN wind turbine that was damaged more than four months ago is set to be repaired in the coming weeks.

The turbine, at Park Springs Wind Farm near Great Houghton, was damaged in March after one of its blades became dislodged and fell to the ground.

After pressure by Darfield ward’s Coun Kevin Osborne,owner EDF stated that repairs will be carried out in the coming month.

Matthieu Hue, chief executive of EDF, said: “I am pleased to be able to say that the affected blade and turbine will be removed at the end of next month.

“I am sorry people are concerned about the current situation at Park Springs but in order to make sure this does not happen again, we needed to thoroughly investigate the situation.

“We have made comprehensive inspections on all three turbines with the support of our health and safety teams we made decision to turn the other two turbines back on.”

Coun Osborne has called the event a ‘win’ for the local area.

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“I can’t believe it has taken them four months to fix the issue,” he added. “There’s still debris in the field and the turbine seemed to be collapsing under its own weight.

“It’s definitely a win for the area, but I am still baffled that it has taken four months to reach this point.”