A DISABLED woman was hailed as a hero after successfully foiling a theft attempt at a town centre shop - by parking her wheelchair in the way of the thug.

Tracy and Craig Marshall were in the Cash Converters shop on Peel Street looking at TVs on Friday morning when the unknown thief reportedly tried to get away with a £2,500 necklace.

But quick-thinking Tracy, 47, who has a host of health issues that confine her to a wheelchair, was able to get in the way of the man and stop him escaping long enough for staff to get involved.

“I was at the back of the shop and Tracy was near the front,” said Craig, 50.

“There was this young lad in there who looked like he was looking at something, before he tried to run out.

“Tracy pushed her wheelchair in the way so he couldn’t get out of the door.

“He was threatening to kick her, and then a few other people came and stopped him.

“It was scary for her - she was shaking.

“But she managed to stop him getting out.

“Everybody started clapping and cheering, and the manager said it was lucky we were there.”

Tracy added: “I was shaken up - I thought he was going to swing for me.

“I had my walking stick and I said I’d hit him with it. I wish I did, but I’d have probably got locked up.

“I thought it was disgusting what he was doing. He could’ve got away with it.

“Everybody was saying that I could do with an award.”